Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas vacation photo dump

It's Monday and I am getting ready for my job interview. Since I have only had to wear scrubs, I don't have too many fancy work clothes so I always seem to wear the same type of outfit to interviews.

1. I got my hair done after 2 months and got to see my friends!

2. I got to see my precious little nephew.

3. I got to dress for cold, cold weather! That's the first time all "winter." It wasn't a white Christmas but it sure was cold!! (-27)

4. Christmas traditions: Gingerbread bread houses and cookies/hot coco :)


5. My plane got delayed 3 hours and then undelayed...however that works so I drank coffee and watched the different airport characters. ;)

6. Random selfies!!

7. Another one of my adorable nephew :)


Just kidding.. I couldn't resist since everyone always gets engaged or announces their pregnancy around Christmas. That ring was huge so I needed to try it on, I don't think I could really wear that size everyday though :) 

I was also too lazy to edit the pics so sorry 'bout that. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha that last pic is HILARIOUS! You totes deserve a ring that big when Mr Perfect comes along. ♥