Monday, December 23, 2013

December 27th...Xmas recap.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I have really been sucking at blogging even though I have posts written so don't be surprised if you see Christmas related posts in a couple days ;)

Today, I would have been engaged for 2 years! It blows my mind really.... 
I am filled with relief like holy shit, I would be planning my future with that #%^*&$# but also sadness that I am no longer on that journey with him. It's crazy to be planning your future with someone and then the next day, it's like it never happened. Even though it did, if ya know what I mean ;) I will spare everyone the long complicated story. He will always have a piece of my heart though ;) 

Christmas Eve was weird this year. The last 6 years I have spent with my "other family" aka the ex's and then Christmas with mine. His mom and grandma still gave me presents. I'm glad they love me ;) but I don't know how I feel about that situation... It's kinda weird don't ya think? Idk..idk. I successfully dodged him for 9 days that we were in the same 2 block radius though. Impressive, eh?

We had appetizers and a ham/potatoes meal instead because Christmas dinner was going to be soup. SOUP! We have never done soup on Christmas before.. I just want my old traditions that too much to ask?! :(

My family opened presents with my maternal grandparents and then went to my paternal grandparents to eat and open gifts. Both of my grandparents sent my presents to Cali since they didn't think I was coming so I just watched everyone open there stuff haha which was okay. I really don't need anything besides rent money anyways...ha ha ha ...ho ho ho

I fly back tomorrow and I'm glad I saw my family but I'm ready to go back. My family drives me crazy!!!! It turns out I am becoming a VERY independent person!  I guess I am a little sad to go so far away again since I have no idea when I will be back to visit again. Being an adult is complicated ha ;) 

I have another job interview when I get back so I'm looking forward to that!!!

In case I don't post before again 2014, the main thing I have learned this year is:

Love makes you do stupid things.

Boom, buh bye :) 

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