Thursday, December 5, 2013

12.04.13 Randoms

I went for a job interview yesterday. It was a bust. By bust, I mean I turned it down. I'm sure you are thinking, "What were you thinking?!" Yes, I need a job but the lady on the phone lied to me. She said it was going to be an office job and blah blah. Wrong, it was a sales job where you go to peoples houses and sell them stuff. thanks. So I will continue to be poor and save my life..because sales job at unknown houses = me being murdered.

I am also really annoyed with Cali drivers. The next person that shoves their car in the 6 inches of space between me and the next car, is gonna get rammed. I may just be in a pissed off mood all the time lately but I have been full of road rage at those mother truckers. 1. Use your blinker. 2. Stay in your own freaking lane. 3. Just because there is 6 inches of space, does NOT mean you should go there. Obviously, I should stay off the freeways.
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Me and Cali gas stations on the main roads are NOT getting along. Their shit is all fancy hole in the wall and they do not want to work for me. I had to drive 4 extra blocks away just to find an old fashioned gas station. I can't even imagine if I would have been caught on candy camera. I was cussing those mother truckers out and the idiot inside said "no gas, no pay, you otay" THANKS, pal.

I want to go home for Christmas but I'm not really sure that it will be possible so cross your fingers for me :)

Well, my Thursday rant is over. Happy Friday eve!!

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