Monday, March 25, 2013

Tick Tock

I realize I have been sucking at blogging lately. I don't know how some of you ladies do it!!! I have been crazy busy and haven't even had time to read blogs :(

I have so much homework to do tonight and to finish packing because.....

Tomorrow I am going to CALIFORNIA. Thank goodness!!! It's been snowing again and I can't wait to get the heck out of Iowa!!

It shall be a GREAT time. Two single, 21 year olds going out on the town...Uh oh watch out!! ;)

We are also going to Vegas for a night...last time I was there I was only 20 so I'm sure the night will consist of a whole lot of drinking!!! Booom shacka lacka.

I will post a shit ton of photos when I get back and I doubt I'll  post while I am there...which is a WHOLE week. I don't think I will ever want to come back....seriously. :D

Hope everyone has a great time!! I will be soaking up the sun and getting a killer tan!! Whooooop Whooooop!!!

Hope you loved all this randomness and follow me on IG to follow along with my California trip :D @hannah_king32


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catching up on Random Wednesday

It's hump day!! Whenever I hear people say hump day, I automatically think of...."My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps."

My humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps!

This last week has been totally CRAZY. I have barely had time to stalk all my fav blogs, let alone blog myself.

I can't wait until summer when life slows down a bit! :) Of course, warm weather too. It's the first day of spring and it was 15 degrees this am! Brrrrr not loving it.

At the end of the week, I got a pedicure and manicure. It was great... Because of clinicals, I haven't been able to have painted nails for...3 months. GASP, I know ;)

I went shopping this weekend...spent wayyyy to much on only a few things.
I had quite a few fashion firsts. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans (x3) and wedges! How exciting ;)

Polka-dot shorts...wish I would have bought these!

 I usually have a rule where I won't buy something if I'm not in love with it at the store. I was undecided about these shorts but now I wish I would have bought them!!

New mint skinnies :)

I am always getting the security tags stuck in my hair!
Those are my shrug lips, not duck lips, calm down haha
I've been looking for decorations in my room and I snagged this canvas at Target on clearance. Booyah...I love clearance.
I also got these frames to hang.
Raspberry Lemonade with Stoli Vodka
After shopping, I had a much overdue girl's night! We went out to eat at Red Robin and had a couple of drinks. I had the Raspberry Lemonade pictured above. It was SOO good. $6 though, so I only had one (I'm cheap).
Too many drinks ;)
I am heading out to California on Tuesday for Spring Break and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday



Since I just saw this yesterday for the first time, I will do last weeks too.

Last weeks: 
1. First thing I reach for in the fridge
I usually grab some juice in the morning. If I have the morning off, I will make myself some eggs first.

2. First car accident or traffic violation
I was 16 and we were on our way back from haunted houses about an hour from my house. We were running late, getting close to the midnight curfew time. My friend was worried about getting back, her parents weren't okay with her being 10 min late like my parents. So I caved and started speeding after her non-stop begging and boooom cop. 90 in a 70. Shit. So I got on this program for a month where I could only drive to work and school. I could only have one person in my car at a time and blah blah blah. It sucked. Haven't gotten a speeding ticket since...

3. First BIG accomplishment I'm proud of
 I am almost done with my nursing degree and I will be very proud of myself when I am done with it. I have worked my caboose off and there have been so many times I have doubted myself and told myself that I am not smart enough to finish it. Even with all the struggles, I know I will be so happy to know I am was able to do it when it is done.
This weeks:
1. First real piece of jewelry you owned
Necklace- my parent's bought a necklace with three sayings from a jewelry store. I don't think I wore it much. I wasn't into jewelry back then. (ya know, 7 years ago when I was 14. sheeeesh)   

2. First magazine subscription
When I was "young", I got this children's magazine that had kid articles and word searches/puzzles/etc.
3. First time staying home alone
Hmmm....idk baha. I'm sure it was when I was 13 or 14 and I'm sure I was shaking in my boots. I have never liked staying home alone. Too many scary noises and I don't do well with a dark house. I'm sure I turned most of the lights on in the house, I still have quite a few when I am home alone now haha

Side note: It's snowing again. I am having MAJOR winter blues right now. Grrr, go away snow.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hi all!! Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!! No clinicals or class today so I am just having a chill Monday ;).

This weekend I cleaned out my closet a little bit and got rid of quite a few things!!

Around 30 shirts here.

I got rid of around 40 shirts. That is a BIG deal for me. I like to keep things around "just in case" I will wear them again. I learned this trick to turn the hangers around and after a period of time to get rid of them. I finally went through and made myself give them away. That means I can go shopping to get more though!! ;)

We had awful weather this weekend. It started raining on Friday night and rained until Saturday night when it started snowing. It finally stopped snowing late last night. I didn't think it was ever going to stop. We got around 9 inches. ICK. You will learn how much I hate snow.

I am dying to get out of my house!!!!!! (Besides going to work)

These two pictures were my view to and from work. Total white-out. I know I shouldn't be taking pictures and driving but I just had to capture the moment haha.

My dad and brother were gone so I decided I would snow blow the driveway off. I had to use this monster of a thing. Which is probably double my body weight. It was hard and I doubt you will see me doing it often ever again. Add that to the list of things I hate about snow. Check.
I only got about half of my driveway done before I couldn't feel my hands, feet, face, whole body. So I went inside. It was enough to fit my car in.

I definitely need to make it a goal not to text, use facebook, keek, instagram, e-mail, and/or twitter while driving. I get so bored during my hour drive to school, that it's so hard not too.

My neighbors house. Once the drift fell, she was literally snowed in.
In other news:

I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at both jobs so it was a pretty busy weekend. I need another job so I can wear my cute clothes too since I never have anywhere to wear them! haha Not really though.

I went out with a couple of ladies from work on Friday night and the local bar was filled with creeps!! Shady people haha One guy came up and asked why I was at a bar if I was only 14? Well for one, if he thought I was 14, why was he hitting on me?! and two...well I think the rest is obvious haha.

I found out my dad was following me on Twitter. Twitter never told me that! #twitterfail. So I blocked him, does that make me a bad daughter?  I didn't block him because I write bad things or do a lot of things they don't approve of (I do).  I just like to have my own little "world" away from my family. I am the black sheep in my family yet I am an angel compared to my friends baha.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Social- {Link up}

Sunday Social
Today I am linking up with Ashley from Ashley Lately and Neely from A Complete Waste Of Makeup
1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
I don't watch scary movies anymore. I freak myself out WAY too much.
2. What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven't yet?
Um, none really. I only watch about three shows and I have a hard enough time keeping up with them already haha
3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
I want to move across the country. I want to live on one of the coasts. Either CA or FL. I love sunshine and the beach!
4. Would you ever travel alone?
Yeppers. I have flown alone a lot but always met up with someone so it would be a little nerve racking at first but I think I could manage.
5. What activities do you like to do alone?
I like to do a lot of things alone. I have become a very independent little lady recently. ;)
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!! It's snowing here...a lot. Booo :( No school or clinicals for me tomorrow so I am looking forward to sleeping in!!
Thanks for reading. xoxo

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Shower Planning

My sister is now 19 weeks along so I am starting the planning for her shower. She wants it to be the "coming out" party where we tell the rest of our family the gender.

I haven't started looking for cute invites quite yet, but have a general idea of what I want. I will invite the guests and tell them to wear blue if they think it will be a boy and pink for a girl.

I found these scratch tickets at Enchanting By Design for the gender design. I think I will go with the Elephant or Fish ones. They are all so cute!


I think these watermelons are cute, but we will see if they happen haha
 Great baby shower idea!

I really want to do a blue or pink themed party but I will have to deal with yellow. This is a cute theme below. "What's it gonna bee?"

Not sure if we will play any games or not yet.

Not sure if I like all the black involved yet.

Like the gray dress with yellow cardigan. Auntie has to look cute too haha

I can't wait until I know if it's a boy or girl so I can go clothes shopping!! I am hoping for the baby's sake, it's a boy. I can't wait to spoil her/him.. I think the shower will be in April so I have a little time to keep planning.

Side note: I spent an extra 5 hours at clinicals last night just to watch a live birth and the baby never came. He was being a stubborn little boy and I was disappointed. I am loving this OB rotation so far but I want to see a baby born!!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

(I found most of these pictures on by searching, "What's it going to bee shower " so I don't have the sources for some of these, sorry!)

Finally Standing Up for Myself.

I don't mean to sound like a debbie downer but guys stink.

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Shame on me for letting you fool me over and over. Shame on me for believing you could change.

My good friend at Little Miss Bootyful once told me that guys don't change their ways, they just get better at hiding them. I have finally learned this...3 months later.

I started dating a boy when I was 16 and we have on and off for 4 1/2 years. We got engaged in 2011 and 11 months later broke it off. We continued to talk until today. Today is the day I am finally standing up for myself. I am walking away from this relationship. I have been fooled, lied too, cheated on, and have been made promises that were never intended to keep. I have tried walking away before but have always thought if I tried harder, maybe it could work out. I tried so hard to make things work while he didn't.

"No, it's not me, it's YOU"

Is it so wrong to want to be chosen over friends once in awhile? I have been made to think my expectations are so high and wrong but I have come to realize that they aren't. Expecting someone to love you unconditionally, treat you right by not lying, cheating, or making you a fool is NOT wrong at all.

I have been thinking a lot and I finally decided to listen to my head instead of my heart. (Corny saying, I know...)

Just thinking of dating is scaring the shit out of me. There are so many creeps out there. Not that I plan on dating soon haha I know I won't let this relationship ruin my future ones. I will take this as a learning experience to realize that I am worth it. Someday, I will find that guy who will treat me with respect and love me unconditionally.

Well, ladies..just think. I saved $500 by not buying a plane ticket to visit him. Yipppieee.

My engagement pictures are staring me in the face right now as I type this...bahaha

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.

I think everyone should tell me a bad date they have had sometime in their lives! Ready, Set, Goooo :)

Thanks for reading... xoxo.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things You Should Know About Me If We Are Going To Be BFF's {Link-up}

I'm linking up with Ashley at Little Miss Momma.

Things you should know about me:

I am obsessed with the color pink. If there is a color choice, I will most likely choose it. (I haven't found a nice pink background yet so it's still red)

I use hand sanitizer around 30-40 times a day, depending where I am. (Can you say germaphobe? ;))
I never sit on public toilets. They gross me out. I haven't sat on one in over 2 years. It works your leg muscles too ;)

I want to live in a big city after college. I live in a town around 3,000 right now. I still live with my parents...;)
I'm 21 but get asked almost every day how old I am. I get told I look 12-14 most of the time.

I don't like wearing shoes for long amounts of time. I'd rather be in my socks. I even take my shoes off before driving.
I will only buy my bras and panties from Victoria Secret.

I could eat fruit over candy (besides some chocolate) any day.
Summer is my favorite season. I don't like being cold. I have a space heater I keep at 75 degrees most of the time hehe.

I clean when I get sad, mad, bored, stressed, upset...all the time. It's annoying sometimes but at least I have a clean house.

I am always losing things...they are often in my hand or right where I left them. I am slowly losing it.

I am awesome at tuning people out and I am not even a mom yet ;)

I love exercising but only in warm weather. I am a warm weather girl at heart.

I am organized one week and then the next week, I am a total mess. I need to get it together.
I like to color code things, during my organized weeks ha so that's why there are random words in color.

Hope you enjoyed these facts about me!!
Happy Thursday Saturday everyone!! (I have been working on this post since Thursday ha)