Monday, August 31, 2015

August Ab Workout

We all want abs but also want to stuff our faces with donuts and oreos, don't we? I have been pretty good about eating clean and I only target abs about 1 time a week because most exercises I do, target the core too.

This is how I currently look....

Here are a few short clips from one of my abs day. {Google changed the videos when they went to the cloud, so sorry if they look funky. :)}

Table top crunches

Bicycle crunches.

Good old plank.

Side plank and neck veins for the win. 

Boat rows or there is like 5 other names too. 

A few of my favorite exercises are:
-side planks
-boat rows
-downward dog kicks
-bicycle crunches
-mountain climbers
-table top crunches
-toe reaches
-opposite leg crunches
-reverse crunches
-hanging leg raises
-balance ball tucks

It is really easy to just pick a few and do a circuit 3 or 4 times with short rest periods.

P.S. Abs are really made in the kitchen but this will help them show! :)