Monday, May 13, 2013

My Sister's Graduation 2013

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

It would have been my sister's high school graduation yesterday. While she wasn't there physically, I'm sure she was there in spirit.

There was 48 students graduating and about half of them would have known my sister. They wore Hello Kitty pins on their gowns in remembrance of her. They also included her name at the end of the picture slide show.

They always gave flowers to the moms' towards the end of the ceremony and one of my sister's best friends gave my mom a flower and this picture below.

My sister's very best friend, Alayna also gave a rose and decorated her cap saying, "We made it, Naomi." She was the best kind of friend a person wants in life. She was there by my sister's side even when she was sick. To this day, she still remembers my sister's birthday and death date. 
I didn't cry at my own gradation but I couldn't help but shed a few tears when they gave these to my mom. It was a bittersweet moment.
I went to a graduation party later that afternoon and it was nice to get out and socialize ;) It was a son of my very good friend's party but that meant all of my ex's family was there. This girl sucked it up and went anyways. He is a great kid and knowing he is graduating makes me feel old! HA but I really can't believe I have been out of high school for 3 years already!
At least, I got to wear my new wedges from Target. Score!
Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Waylon Harachi Cork Wedge Sandal - Black|X0Y0W4&intc=696153|null
They are Mossimo Co. and so comfy!! Normally my feet are dying after wearing heels for 15 min but I lasted about an hour before my feet started to ache. Double score! I may even go buy the pair in brown...too much?? haha
I also rearranged my room yesterday, I have way toooo much stuff!! I am learning to downsize and am working on getting rid of the little things. It's a work on progress. Proof: I found 35 Cosmo magazines hiding in my closet! Yikes-a-roni! haha
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From First to Last [Link Up]

Happy Tuesday everyone! Nothing exciting went on this weekend or the last two days..boooring. I am linking up with one of my fav bloggers, Hallie and her friend, Halie! I love a fun link up..they give me something to write about!

1. First Store You Head To In The Mall?
     I usually go to Victoria's Secret first. I always head to the same section which has American Eagle, Buckle, Bohme, Vanity, and Victoria's Secret. Those are about the only stores I hit up, it's a pretty small mall.

2. First Aisle You Hit In The Grocery Store
    I rarely go grocery shopping in town except for milk so when I do, I go straight back to the milk and leave. I refuse to be tricked into buying something else like they want you too! haha ;) Otherwise, when I go to Walmart I start in the clear back and make my way to the front.

First Things First