Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From First to Last [Link Up]

Happy Tuesday everyone! Nothing exciting went on this weekend or the last two days..boooring. I am linking up with one of my fav bloggers, Hallie and her friend, Halie! I love a fun link up..they give me something to write about!

1. First Store You Head To In The Mall?
     I usually go to Victoria's Secret first. I always head to the same section which has American Eagle, Buckle, Bohme, Vanity, and Victoria's Secret. Those are about the only stores I hit up, it's a pretty small mall.

2. First Aisle You Hit In The Grocery Store
    I rarely go grocery shopping in town except for milk so when I do, I go straight back to the milk and leave. I refuse to be tricked into buying something else like they want you too! haha ;) Otherwise, when I go to Walmart I start in the clear back and make my way to the front.

First Things First

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  1. My post won't be up until tomorrow morning but for me I answered the mall question with it depends where I park lol.