Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Your Pet Day

Okay, close your eyes for a few seconds and pretend it's still Thursday and then continue reading.... 

It's "Love Your Pet Day."

I have been wanting a puppy these last two weeks like crazy. Unfortunately, it's $150 to adopt one from the shelter here and it's a $300 deposit plus $35/mo at my apartment. Like woahhh, never mind. I can't even afford myself. 

If I was able to get a puppy, I would obviously get a cute one but I keep going back and forth between a small dog and a big dog. 

Big dogs:
-can go on longer walks and/or runs
-can protect me against the big bad guys :P 
-will more likely be walking me vs. me walking them
-will possibly overpower me 
-will take up half or more of the bed

Small dogs:
-easy to carry around
-can sit in your lap
-can't go on long runs/walks
-has more health problems
-will fit in the bed nicely

There is more but we all get the idea... 
  Big dog choices:
2. Dalmatian - polka dots go with everything right?

Small dog choices: 

1. Yorkiepoo -  a mix between a Yorkie and a poodle
2. Pomsky- a mix between a Pomeranian and a husky

Doesn't the pomsky look like a little teddy bear?! I can't even handle it. 

 There is really a lot to think about with each type of dog though. There are so many facts on the internet that have been helpful. For example, the amount of exercise they need, if they are hyper or not, how much they shed, etc. 

Since I live in a one bedroom apartment, I think it would be easier to get a small dog for now. I would like one that doesn't shed since I am kind of a neat freak. Sometimes.  I would also like a hypoallergenic dog due to allergies.

How did you chose your dog?
Did you adopt or buy from a breeder? 

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Five

Cyber five that it's Friday! I have been neglecting the blog world as I haven't posted in forever and I have 131 posts to read hahah

{One} I went on a date last night. First one in a loooong time and it was okay - not bad but not great. My head really hurts because I hit my head while getting in his car hahaha and yet people say I'm not a klutz.

{Two} I gained 4 lbs...hollla holla holla. I'm way too excited about this but it is hard for me to gain weight! I don't know if it is all muscle but I'm going to pretend.

{Three} I love Snapchat!

{Four} I am glad I can laugh at myself because I do something silly every time I go to the gym. Yesterday, I was running on the treadmill and I dropped my phone. It made a huge noise and flew clear ACROSS the gym! Literally everyone stopped to look at me because they thought I fell off. It was quite embarrassing hilarious really.

{Five} It's Girl Scout cookie time! I only eat them because my mom buys them for me but I mean, they are kinda good :)

I'm gonna #backthatazzup and be on my merry little way :)

Eye of the Tiger by Journey on Grooveshark