Monday, August 31, 2015

August Ab Workout

We all want abs but also want to stuff our faces with donuts and oreos, don't we? I have been pretty good about eating clean and I only target abs about 1 time a week because most exercises I do, target the core too.

This is how I currently look....

Here are a few short clips from one of my abs day. {Google changed the videos when they went to the cloud, so sorry if they look funky. :)}

Table top crunches

Bicycle crunches.

Good old plank.

Side plank and neck veins for the win. 

Boat rows or there is like 5 other names too. 

A few of my favorite exercises are:
-side planks
-boat rows
-downward dog kicks
-bicycle crunches
-mountain climbers
-table top crunches
-toe reaches
-opposite leg crunches
-reverse crunches
-hanging leg raises
-balance ball tucks

It is really easy to just pick a few and do a circuit 3 or 4 times with short rest periods.

P.S. Abs are really made in the kitchen but this will help them show! :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Not a Normal Day at Work.

A few months ago, it was just a normal Monday at work and these two guys walked past me. I looked at them and I was like huh, that guy looks familiar.

*Light bulb* That's Alex Karev! Noo, it couldn't be.

It was! Of course, me being one of the only few girls recognized him and all my coworkers said I was crazy. Someone even bet me $100 that it wasn't him. I could have been $100 richer! One of the guys went up and asked him if that is who he was and he shook his head yes and kinda made this "oh crap, I've been busted" face. Whoooops, sorry not sorry. :)

I honestly didn't know his real name until I looked him up. Justin Chambers, in case anyone wants to know. ;) He was super nice and took pictures with the few people who asked him. 

{Even with heels, I'm still short!}

I felt like such a fan girl, but getting a picture with a celebrity is always neat isn't it? I think so :)

P.S. He good looks are real and not just on camera. :P

Monday, May 18, 2015

My Fitness far.

I have been going to the gym actively for about a year and a half now and I LOVE it. You can definitely see progress in the above picture! That is the exact reason I love progress pictures haha

I have only been lifting heavy for a year or so. It's the little things like the fact that I've gained 5 lbs of muscle, I am tightening up in places, and I am always increasing the weight I can lift- which is way more weight than when I started. ;)

I FEEL GREAT. I joined the gym with a goal to "tone up" and now that thought has me shaking my head. I would walk up the stairs and get out of breath, I was always tired and constantly felt lazy.

Now my goal is to eat clean and get muscles, muscles, muscles!

I am so excited for the next journey I am going to pursue in the fitness world. It's on a totally different level and I AM SO EXCITED. I can't wait to share with everyone...soon. :)