Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today is THE Day!

Tonight, I am leaving for California. I am finally making the big move! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!


It's a 25 hour drive so we are splitting it up into 3 days. I will get the keys on Saturday, sign all the papers, and will officially have my own apartment!!

After MUCH hassle, my stuff isn't getting picked up until Monday now and won't be delivered until the following Monday so I will be without most of my stuff for 9 days. I will be living in a mostly empty apartment for 9 days. Womp womp.

It will be interesting to see how creative I can get considering I will be without most of my dishes and no refrigerator.  I really don't want to eat out every night so I will just have to think of something.

I am hoping to meet up with a blogger I follow and find a job asap. So I will be busy with that and checking out my new town!!

I am really looking forward to the 70 degree weather they are having since it's been in the 20's here.

Peace out, Iowa!!!!!


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