Friday, November 22, 2013

No Snow for me :D

1. It's snowing in Iowa and not in Cali. Yippppee. I don't miss having to warm my car up 15 min ahead of time or scrapping my windows off.
Although, it did rain and ruin my shoes..
I guess karma is a bitch since I rubbed the 60 degree weather in their faces..

2. Kisses with Almonds. Addicting.

3. My stuff should be here tonight. I will be SO glad when I don't have to sleep on an air mattress anymore. Plus it will be nice not to have an empty apartment.

4. I have not made one stinkin' friend since I have been here. I suck at making new friends and meeting people. I also do not have a job yet so I am using both of those as my excuse for eating the whole bag of almond kisses.

5. There are 3 Starbucks within a block of me. So I have went there everyday since I have no coffee maker and a gift card (good excuse, right.) It's quite delicious. And yes, there were cute boys there too. ;)

Two other randoms...
I made my first supper the other night. Spaghetti..which was a little under cooked. Yet, people wonder why I don't have a man right..

I also giggle whenever I see butter belly buttons. I really am 12 at heart.

Backin' my skinny ass up with Whitney tonight.

Its my life by No Doubt - [EMG] on Grooveshark

Happy weekend!


  1. hi from the linkup, pretty lady!!! cheers to starbucks and almond hershey kisses!!! :)
    hope your weekends has started off wonderfully!!! xx

  2. Dropping in from the linkup! Yummy those kisses look goo! thank goodness I haven't got any! Don't worry about making friends, that'll happen eventually! Glad to see other nurse bloggers! :)

  3. three starbucks within a block?! i'm officially jealous :)

    xo brie