Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sooo what!

So what if...

...I haven't introduced myself to any of my new neighbors.

...I plan to avoid them because they were fighting all night and they sounded plain stupid.

...I have been shopping too many times for house/decorating items.

...I saw this big, sexy grey truck. I am determined to find the driver. Cross your fingers that he is sexy too ;) and that it's a he.

...I have checked out every almost every guy I have seen so far. Man candy errrrryday.

...I hate this whole job search thing, just fall in my lap already.

...I love this video circling the web. I don't know if I would ever have the lady balls to actually do this in front of everyone though haha
...I had to then check out the old version. Mmmm, Patrick.....

...I was on the floor trying to open my bottle of wine last night. I bought a $2 corkscrew until my fancy one comes in and I couldn't get the damn thing open!! Apparently, I need to work out more. I eventually gave up and went to buy a capped wine.

Reaction GIF: crying, Lacey Chabert, Mean Girls

...I am not sorry about any of the inappropriate things I just said.
...I am also seriously horrible these days and I don't even care haha

Hollllla for Winesday!

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