Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First CA weekend.


I made it through my first weekend in Cali! The weather has been amazing here. Mostly in the 70's and sunny.

I got to Cali and signed all my papers! All 46 of them..sheesh. I moved all the stuff I brought in and it was still almost completely empty!
We decided to check out the town and go to Target to buy a few things. There is seriously 5 Targets within 5 miles of it. Love it.
40 times....ick.

We went to Target shopping again, I think I was at Target 10 times this weekend. They are so close from each other but the price differences are crazy!!
We went down to the beach. It was a little busy and there were a lot of people surfing! Don't get me wrong, the guys are hot but those wetsuits don't show off their body very well. Ha :P
We walked on the pier. It is one of the longest in California at 1,850 feet. People are always fishing and homeless people are always trying to get money.

I took my dad to the airport and was officially on my own! I survived my first night alone and I didn't even die get robbed.

Places I ate over the weekend:

The Lazy Dog
Cute dog pictures all over
Yummy gluten-free sweet and sour chicken

DQ Blizzard
Panda Express

Needless to say, I can not wait to find a store with gluten free foods! I looked at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and they didn't have much so I am still on the hunt. My body feels like it got ran over by a bus thanks to my poor eating habits. *Face Palm*

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