Saturday, October 5, 2013

Missing in Action

I was missing a little more than usual earlier this week. Monday night was the visitation for my classmate, Nate. About 20-25 of my classmates and I went to the bar after and had some drinks. It was fun!!! I don't like the reason we had to get together but it was nice to see everyone again!!

Photo dump!


We got our drunk faces on.

They said I was too short to photo bomb....I showed them! ;)

One of our teachers came and had a drink with us! ha


Shots, shots, shots!

Tuesday was the funeral. We all went as a class. I am not a fan of funerals.. The songs they played were totally him. The guys in my class were bawling. I have not seen most of them cry and it was sad to watch... I was doing pretty good until I saw his little brother carrying the urn down the aisle.

Songs they played:

Cheers to you, Neno!

Rest in Peace, Neno! We will all miss you.



  1. Great post. ♥ You talking about the moment you cried made me cry picturing Gunner. Such a sad sad thing.

  2. that had to be sad. i know it was hard.