Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Apple Pickin' and Finger Lickin'

Time for a little weekend recap.

Beer and bonfire. I love bonfires but I hate smelling like smoke for the next 3 days after. I had two yummy s'mores too. {best part of a bonfire}


Excuse my momma's ugly bedspread ;)

My grandma turned 69...70..71. I'm not really sure, my dad and uncles all had different answers and I never asked for sure. Men, I tell ya.
We all got together at her house to celebrate. We had a feast of ribs, beans, mac n cheese, corn bread, and coleslaw. It was finger lickin' good...can you eat ribs without licking your fingers? lol Probably but come on.  I ate it most of it all....like woahhhh. Off subject, I have been eating like a real person lately, aka eating a whole plate of food at each meal. I don't know what has happened to me. :P

She makes this in a pressure cooker...weird but yummy!

We picked apples from my grandparent's tree, which was fun until an apple hit me on the head. Womp, womp.

My uncle picking apples.
My parent's picking.
I picked for awhile and then I let the tall people take over.

Below are a few pictures I took of some old buildings/equipment on their farm.
Small doors!

Old hog shed.

A tiny grain bin.

I was lazy in the morning and then worked at the movies. I took this picture, and was ready to jump start eating gluten free.
Did you know Twizzlers contained gluten? Me either..

Then I remembered that I was going to my sister's and had no food at my house to make meals with. I didn't want to make my sister buy gluten free food, or spend the money myself for 3 days there and at home so I decided to wait. I am hoping to start it next Monday. 
I made caramel apples later that night; they were messy but not too bad. The recipe will be featured on my Tasty Tuesday link-up...next week. Yep, I missed the bar on that one again. Shucks.

No matter how hard I try, I wait until the last minute when it comes to packing. I can manage buying Christmas presents 3 months early, but I can't handle packing more than 10 hours before I leave......don't ask me, it's messed up.

I bought my train ticket this day, yes 2 days before I left. I was thinking about driving, then I could take my time, leave when I wanted and it was only about $150. I decided later that I didn't want to drive alone and put miles on my car, so I booked the ticket. Then read all the awful things about train rides; don't do that.

Anyyyywhoo, I have 5 posts scheduled. It's a blogging miracle! I'm kinda, sorta on top of my game.

I hope you can read this. I am typing with one eye open. ;) I am zonked and will put my "train adventure" up soon.

Tooot, Toooot!
** Disclaimer: My picture quality stinks and they are just thrown in there. Sorry, not sorry. I am too tired to give two craps. :) I don't know how some people stay up super late or get up at the butt crack of dawn for this......

Sweet dreams.
P.S. Linkin' up with Sami!

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