Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maxi Dress Hunting

Now that fall is here, I have not stopped maxi hunting.  I have been looking for a maxi dress for quite some time now! There are so many cute ones but I just haven't had the best luck finding ones that are flattering for my body because my body is weirdly proportioned. I am skinny and short but I have hips and boobs (for a small girl k ha) So most of the time I need a small or medium for the ladies and XS for the booty. That makes it pretty hard to find a dress. Also only being 5'2", they are almost always too long.

I have always been nervous about buying them online due to the above facts but if I wasn't these would be some of the few I would buy.

Kiki La Rue has some a TON of cute ones. Some of my favorites are..

Other favorites:

Blue Lagoon Maxi Dress
Cute summer maxi

I finally ordered a few maxi's from Kiki La' Rue. They had a huge sale going on, $15 for a bunch of cute things so I went for it.

They all fit PERFECT! I was worried because some people had posted they wear mediums normally and fit into smalls, I figured they would be too big and too long. They aren't. I am soooo in love. So you should definitely go check out the sale or just buy some regulars!!!! I will definitely be buying more! They are so soft and pretty :)

My friend {;) ;) ;)} even said I looked beautiful. :D
excited gifs photo: excited excited.gif

I am enjoying some time with my sweet little nephew. I hope everyone else is having a good week :)


Someone's in troubleee  hahah :P

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