Sunday, February 3, 2013

Still a newbie..

I am currently taking a Nutrition class online and for the last few days, we have had to track our food.

HOLY COW! It's crazy how junk food really does not help your body and is BAD for it. Comparing junk food versus fruit/veggies is crazy. I have been "blog stalking" and a lot of the girls talk about how food is like toxins in the body. I totally agree butttt I have one heck of a sweet tooth! haha

I have been doing pretty well though! It's hard to eat a total healthy meal when I am always on the run with work and school. I know...excuses, excuses. I'm working on it. :)

I was going to a Zumba class every Wednesday night and it was fun. Then I found and love their 10 min workouts! I burn double the calories and feel SO much better after a few 10 min workouts over an hour Zumba class.

I am a total blog newbie so I have NO idea how to do any cool stuff. Give me a smart phone, computer, any gadget and I can do so many things at once but I am totally lost on this. haha I will try to learn :)

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