Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yesterday, it was around 50 degree here. Yipppeee...that's pretty darn good for Iowa this time of year haha The sun was shining and it wasn't too windy so I thought, "Today would be a great day to start."

 {Thumbs up for shorts in February!!...don't mind my parents ugly bedspread}

I have been waiting to do this because the weather is so iffy and it has been pretty cold.
I felt pretty good yesterday doing it.

{Not too sweaty ;)..My dog constantly follows me around.}
I got out of school today and I saw something white falling from the sky. NOOOOOO. By the time I got home from school (1 hr drive) it was a wet rainy snow. In the 30's and windy. Looks like no running for this girl. So I will do day 2 tomorrow..

I really DO NOT enjoy winter anymore. 21 years is enough for me..I can't wait until I get to move to the sunny Cali :)

I can't tell you what my pace and everything was because I still haven't played around with it enough to know how everything works haha.

I'm doing 3...yes THREE different workouts all in one day right now so I can get my nice legs and ABS.


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