Thursday, February 21, 2013

sNOw...and Jill.

I was SO excited for the great weather we had last week. It has been snowing for the last 8 hours and I am so over it!!! I just want summer already. I guess that's what I get for starting to pack my winter clothes up hahah.
Big snowflakes--so cold out.
I needed to run a few errands so I scooped my driveway so I wouldn't get stuck. (It really wasn't that much.) I have to admit that they snow can be a little fun at times. I especially like throwing snowballs at people ;)

Chili was on the menu for supper tonight with all the snow and it was good! :) I eat mine without beans but my family eats it with beans. Of course, Frito's and cheese too :P I'm the black sheep of the fam.

Lunch was subway because I had to stay at school to take a test. They need to create a way to stop all the fillings from falling out as soon as you pick it up. Am I the only one this happens too? haha soooo messy!

My Ripped in 30 workout DVD with Jillian Michaels came in the mail today. Whoop whoop! I am so excited for ABS. I only have 34 days left to get them! I'm sure she will almost kill me before then! ;) It kind of scares me how much I look forward to working out everyday...

Bring it, Jill!!!
They are slowly coming in. 

Yes, as you can see, I am obsessed with pink! I also like hairspray hahah and zebra...... I will be putting a Simply Said on the wall behind me with a bunch of new picture frames soon so it won't be boring anymore!! I'll blog about it ;P

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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