Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was boooooring. Snooze.

I worked all weekend at both jobs. Blah. I'm pretty sure I would weigh 5 less pounds if I didn't work at the movie theatre. Free popcorn and pop is hard to resist sometimes! haha

I did some online shopping in between work and homework. Highlight of my weekend ha

I got new flip flops and socks from Old Navy. ha. But I got cute shirts from a store called G-stage. I found this store when I was in California. They all call it the "cheap Asian store," I'm not sure why but it is cheap and cute though!! Check it out.... gstagelove.com A lot of the stuff looks a little ghetto on the website but there are cute finds too!!

A few of the shirts, I bought..

As I went back to find these pictures, I found more things to buy...:P

Well hopefully something exciting will happen soon so I have something to post about! ;)

I know it's been a week since I have gotten back from Cali...I have half a post written so I promise I will get it up soon!!! (I officially suck at blogging!)

xoxo Hannah

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