Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming soon: Gun Show

I signed a 1 year contract at a new gym last week. So now, I really  have to get my butt in gear so I can get my money's worth! I am trying to tone up my arms and get rid of these little baby muscles! I also want to get a 6-pack and a booty! ;)

So there really will be a gun show in the near future ;) I will not be posting before pictures because everyone will tell me I don't need to work out and blah blah blah! There is a difference between being skinny and fit, ya know? Which I'm not fit since I practically passed out at my last spin class haha embarrassing!

It was actually my first time at this gym and I really liked it. It definitely didn't have anything to do with the 3 cute guys who were there. Definitely not ;) It is a small gym but they have touchscreens on the equipment..that's pretty cool right? I think so..and you have a key fob that records all your work-outs and then you can view them on the computer...I am kinda a technology nerd so I was pretty impressed! It also comes with a free diet tracker and I need that forshiz. I have been eating like crap lately.

You also get a free workout with a trainer every month and I gotta say, the gym knows how to pick eye candy. Ha I'm awful ;) but they are really helpful!

Any who, in about a month hopefully I will have some impressive pictures to show. I'm pretty excited and the 3 trainers are kicking my ass already!

Funny Weekend Ecard: I don't have swagger. I'm just sore.

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