Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Julep Box #2

Hello there. It's Tuesday and I'm posting....would you look at that?! :) #beimpressed

I got my second Julep box in the mail this week! I was excited when I saw it and opened it right away. Due to the price, I think this will be my last box for awhile. $20 isn't much but I need to save up for moving and it's the smart thing to do....womp womp. I sound old with all this saving money talk.
Old but sassy, biotches.

I changed my profile to Classic with a Twist and loved it! I got 2 nail polishes, a nude cream and dark purple. The nude will be nice for the fall but the purple was really dark and thick.

I got a beauty product with it this time too. It was Bare Face Cleansing Oil.... I LOVED it! I have been using Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, they have worked okay but my eyes hurt after having to scrub my mascara off. This took my makeup off right away! I was so impressed, it even took my waterproof mascara off easily. Since it's oil, it left my face nice and soft. My face is acne prone so we will see if the oil causes problems or not. For now, I am really impressed!!

I got this One-Step Polish Remover Pad, which I have not used yet.

This card came with the box and it was perfect!! I have been really nervous about moving and hoping everything will go smoothly. Everyone at work finally knows about it and have been really questioning me. So this quote makes me feel much better!! So true!
I like trying new beauty products and have been thinking about trying Ipsy...any comments? I would love to hear if anyone has gotten Ipsy before and what you thought about it! :) I really like getting a box every month!

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