Monday, May 5, 2014

I Look Like a Tomato


Now that I live in California, it's expected that I am tan. So I laid out at the beach for 2 hours on Saturday and got a nice sunburn! 

I was trying to ease into a tan but nope, red red red. It was only the back of my legs so I went out yesterday and got my front a little red too. At least, I match now :) 

The lighting stinks but it was as bad as it looks. There is a definite line. :O 
It was in the 90's this past week and it was HOT. I think it's going to be a sweaty summer without air conditioning! Hence the undies picture... #sorrynotsorry Now you can see that I don't have a booty :P 

This didn't end up happening because I don't have friends who actually want to play beer pong with me. They are weird and use the term get "turned up," which is the word for get drunk in case you were clueless like me. The boys didn't like that I bought these blue balls. Guess it's a sensitive topic. :) 

I have been going to church and it's the perfect place to wear pretty dresses. The one I wore this week was a little ugly but I wore it anyways :) 

From: Kiki La Rue

I think that is enough randomness for today. Have a lovely Monday, if that's actually possible!!



  1. I live in So Cal too and my apartment doesn't have A/C either :( the only plus side for me is that i'm two miles away from the beach so we do get the beachy breeze :)

  2. Love the outfit!! I so wish I lived close to a beach!!!

  3. I'm so ready for the sun. It's rained EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last two weeks where I live. I did manage to get a weird sunburn a few weeks ago with a massive sunscreen fail. I used the spray kind and missed a massive spot on my neck. It was lobster red and the rest of my body tan...super cool!