Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Showers

This is the first time there has been a "thunderstorm" since I moved to California. It's been raining here the last 4 days and it's supposed to keeping raining until tomorrow.

I say "thunderstorm" because the people of California are confused and don't understand that rain without thunder and/or lightening is not a thunderstorm. They also don't believe in putting drains on every block hence the moat surrounding my apartment. There are so many HUGE puddles around.

Luckily, I live on the higher side of my building because the low side  has water to their front steps. Not fun! They really need to figure something out. There was 100 accidents on Thursday, when there was only 2 inches of rain. I definitely avoided the freeway yesterday when it was pouring. I'd hate to be around if it ever snowed here!

"When it starts raining in So Cal, people start driving their cars into buildings." ~ Jim Rome 

It also started pouring while I was at the gym and everyone stopped working out to watch the rain - while oohing and ahhing. I found it pretty amusing. I haven't seen so many people get worked up about storms before, people in Iowa don't even get this worked up about tornadoes.

I do feel bad for the people who live by the mountains though. Because of the recent fires, the mountains can't soak up the rain and the rain created a mudslide. They showed a picture on the news and there was a basketball hoop that was almost covered with mud. Crazy!

I am going to continue sitting in my warm apartment and read a book. Perfect thing to do when it's rainy. :)

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  1. i live in west la and just moved here recently from the desert and I have definitely enjoyed the rain. its always nice to sit at home and relax with a great book or movie when its pouring rain out :)