Thursday, July 11, 2013

Listen Up, Y'all

As I sit here and eat my dip cone, let me tell ya a little somethin somethin...

Many of my Facebook friends have been complaining lately about how they are "fat" and how they wish they were skinny and blah blah blah. Everyone always says I don't know anything because I don't need to work out but I know that sitting on your ass will not make you lose weight!!!!
All that time you are wasting posting a facebook status about it and complaining, is time you can be moving your gluteus maximus!!

I choose to work out because I enjoy it...most of the time.
I am sick of those people. Get outta here with that crap......and read below.
Find a way, or find an excuse.

I went to DQ tonight and there were 6 cars in the drive-thru. I was in and out by the time any of the cars moved. People are so lazy they couldn't walk the 5 seconds inside but could wait 30 min in line! This is nuts to me. I know I have never been overweight and yada yada that everyone always says but do people really expect results when they don't do shit?

The point of this post is...get off your ass and work out or shut the frack up!


K thanks...rant over. Happy Thursday bishes!!

P.S....I'm on day 11 of the squat challenge and hot damn! They are kicking my booty but let's hope it looks mighty fine pretty soon! ;P

P.S.S. If you are one of these complainers and I didn't totally offend you, check out my pinterest board for some workout ideas. Bada bing.

All pictures are from my pinterest board. Sources can be found on there.


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  1. Haha!!! Boom!! I just ate a salad...with hardboiled eggs for lunch. Gotta admit I feel pretty great about this choice over the chicken strips I wanted. :-)