Tuesday, July 16, 2013

June Favorites

Oh hey, yeah I'm just getting around to posting some of my June favs.


1. BB Cream by Covergirl. This is the first BB cream that I have tried but I LOVE it. So great for summer! It's light but still covers like foundation. Goes on smooth and doesn't have a yucky smell like other creams.

2. Avon Totally Kissable lipsticks. They have a pretty good selection and the lipstick stays on for a few hours longer than other lipsticks I have worn. The smell isn't the best but the color quality is good. I'm into the light pinks and corals this summer.

3. E.L.F. Eyelid Primer. For only $1 at Target, it works well! I have noticed my eyeshadow stays on a lot longer and doesn't gather at the creases like without the primer.

4. Kenra 25 Hairspray. Smells great! Great for teasing and lasts a long time.

1. Sally Hansen Salon effects nail strips. There are so many fun prints in these. They stick on really good...so good I had to file them off ha. There are a little pricey but they are on sale often!

2. EOS lip balm. This makes my lips so soft! I have left it in my car a few times and it hasn't melted ..score! There are many different flavors and they all smell great. They don't taste gross either. Only $3 and I have been using mine everyday!

3. Suave Dry Shampoo. Love love love! Smells great and works well too! It's also only around $3 so double score!

I am a little skeptical about trying new beauty products at times but sometimes it pays off!!


  1. You don't need products Hannah-Banana!!! Seriously, this girl has like flawless skin and a baby face!!!

    1. You are too sweet :) You also don't look your age!