Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My First Earthquake

I finally experienced my first earthquake! I have been wanting to experience one since I moved here.

On Friday night, I was sitting around watching Netflix when everything started shaking. I thought it was the chubby kid who runs past my apartment and causes everything to shake but this was different. I realized it was an earthquake and half my brain was screaming "Yay, earthquake!!" and the other half "OMG, an earthquake?!"
From the Earthquake on St. Patrick's Day.
I missed the first earthquake but the news said to get under the table when one hits. I don't have anything on the walls so I figured it would be safe and instead, I was running around my apartment to all the windows like a crazy person.

A guy was walking his dog and he was looking around with his arms out like he thought he was going to fall over. I really got a kick out of his face but I'm sure my face would have been hilarious too.

It kinda felt like you are in the middle of an ocean and your boat is rocking back and forth. Except everything around you is shaking and falling over.

The earthquake was a 5.3 magnitude! They said there was 100 aftershocks after it but I only felt one. I may or may not have had a dream that the walls came tumbling down and the earth swallowed me up so I guess my self conscious was a little scared.

Well, now I will know what to expect when the next earthquake comes. Next time, maybe I will get under the table just to be safe. :P

Have you been in an earthquake? 
Is that an accurate description of how one feels? That's the best I could think of haha

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