Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby Bo!

Okay so clearly I suck..I mean I am posting this 3 weeks too late - womp womp.
Long story short.........

My sister had her baby on July 23rd. I went out there on July 29th so see him.
My flight was delayed 4 hours...I was tired and grouchy by the time I got there but I finally got to meet my new nephew!! My sister lives on a farm, 10 hours away from me which sucks but in the next few months it will be 32 hours. Ahhhh :(

He is so cute. Time for pictures aka proof of his adorableness.

Passed out!

Snapchatting my bro-in-law. This is why my mom never wants to take pics with me! haha

Bo's room is cowboy themed so I made him a little cowboy onesie :)
I am a little bummed that I won't be able to see him that often!

Let's be honest....we can't forget George. BAAAAAAA! 

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