Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blogger Newbie

Hi Everyone!! Welcome to my blog :)

I have been a "blog stalker" for a couple of months now and decided to try my own blog for fun!

A few facts about me:

-I live in Iowa....brrrrr..
----That will hopefully change soon....HELLO CALI!

-I am going to school to get my LPN but will continue on for my RN :)

-I love Pink!!!!!

-I am now obsessed with Chevron. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Thanks Skinny Meg! ;)

-I LOVE to shop!

-My man is a Marine and we have been together for 4+ years!
-----BOO for long-distance relationships! :(

-I really dislike studying but love to learn new things!

Well I said a few and here I am rambling and rambling...... haha

Thanks for reading my first blog post!!!!! :)

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